On getting my first letter from a reader...

I’d had quite a tiring week, with some really tough moments in it, for reasons I won’t share here, and I was feeling exhausted and low. Then my dear friend gave me a fan letter from a child she knew. I got tears in my eyes reading it and seeing the gorgeous fan art he’d drawn - of a wonderful and very fierce dragon. This meant the world to me.

Dragon Daughter was a tricky one to write, with years of trudging down dead ends, and having to turn back, wondering if I should just give up, till I got the amazing support of my editor Rosie Fickling, who guided this book to the finish line. To know that all the hard work was worth it, that’s just a brilliant feeling, and very humbling indeed.

I loved books so much when I was nine, ten and eleven years old. I still do, but the books I read then had a very special magic about them. So I’m absolutely delighted, more than I can say, to know that this book is reaching readers of that age.

Liz book launch display table.JPG

Thank you for writing to me, and sending me your fantastic picture!

Yours, one very grateful author