Starlight Grey & Cara and the Wizard

Cara and the Wizard

Molly has disappeared, and no one can find her. Her sister Cara thinks Molly was taken by a wicked wizard, but if she enters his castle, will she ever come out? 

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Liz Reading to Children, by Sarah Mason Photography

Starlight Grey

Ivan’s older brothers are hard workers, but Ivan likes to dream by the fire. When their father dies, which brother will be brave enough to obey his last wish?

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Liz  Coaching  by Sarah Mason Photography

Dara's Clever Trap

Princess Dara and her husband Rith are engineers. They build houses and bridges and temples together. When Rith is banished from the kingdom, can clever Dara use her talents to bring him back?

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"Happily-ever-after with a STEM feminist twist: how very timely..." Read the full review on the Kirkus website here.

I hope you enjoy these first readers published by Barefoot Books! Each one is a retelling of a traditional tale. The stories are full of action and adventure, retold in simple, accessible language. The books are beautifully illustrated on every page by Valeria Docampo or Martina Peluso, and divided into short chapters: perfect for developing confidence with early reading.