Dragon Daughter is published in the UK by David Fickling Books on October 4th 2018

'Fiery friendships, forgotten family and the struggle for power collide in Dragon Daughter
- the epic new saga from Liz Flanagan.'

Cover art by Angelo Rinaldi

What's it about?

Dragon Daughter is a fantasy novel aimed at readers aged 9-12, but suitable for anyone who loves an exciting saga! 

It is set on the imaginary island of Arcosi, where servant girl Milla witnesses a murder and finds herself caring for the last four dragon eggs. 

As unrest spreads across the island, who can she trust? 

Dragon Daughter review in The Bookseller


The first reviews are coming in! 

The Bookseller highlighted Dragon Daughter as 'one to watch', describing it as 'a thrilling fantasy quest'.

Mr Ripley's Enchanted Books calls Dragon Daughter:
 "a fantastic middle-grade read full of rich detail ... an epic adventure that is thrilling, captivating."

Read the full review here

Meanwhile, bookseller extraordinaire Tamsin Rosewell at Kenilworth Books has done a wonderfully in-depth review of Dragon Daughter - click here to read it - and calls it 'an astonishing book; this is storytelling at its very best – exciting, political, poignant and utterly enchanting.'

 A collection of eggs - from my chickens, not from dragons! 

A collection of eggs - from my chickens, not from dragons! 

Information for teachers

The egg cycle in Dragon Daughter is based on watching my flock of hens raise their own chicks. 

Please watch this space for resources about dragons and fantasy creatures; about life cycles; and discussions around migration and belonging.