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Eden Summer

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Eden Summer blog tour!

Monday 11th July:

Weaving Pages: click here to read.

Tuesday 12th July:

Luna's Little Library: click here to read.

Wednesday 13th July:

YA Yeah Yeah. Click here to read and watch the film clip.

Thursday 14th July:

The Reader's Corner: click here to read and watch the film.

Friday 15th July:

Tales of Yesterday: click here to read the review and watch the film.

Saturday 16th July:

Daydreaming Star: click here to read and watch the film.

Reviews are starting to come in! 

The Guardian review says, 'Gripping ... a thriller deeply embedded in the West Yorkshire landscape.'

Read the full mention here.

Bookseller Jasmine Denholm says, 'I cannot recommend Eden Summer highly enough to everyone - it is truly fantastic' Click here to read the review on her website.

Eden Summer was one of the Editor's Choice picks for July in the Bookseller on 22nd April:

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